To show our commitment to securing your family’s future, Cursio Group are offering a HI$500 starting balance to your child’s own investment portfolio.


Here’s how it works:

Implement a new life insurance plan for your family with us and Cursio Group will deposit a starting balance of up to $500 into an investment account for your child. Read on to see how you can qualify!


$500 is only the beginning

By contributing just $25 per week you could gift your child over $50,000 on their 21st birthday. Now that deserves a HI$500!


Your HI$500 could help your child to buy their first home!


Here is a range of other returns achievable via the IOOF Wealth Builder Platform as at 31 March 2017:


Please note, past performance is no guarantee of future results. The performance figures contained in this document are not necessarily indicative of future returns and should be used as a general guide only.

The IOOF MultiMix Growth Trust which returned 5.34% for 12 months to 31st December 2016 is just one example of a fund you may wish to use for your child’s investment. Click here for more info on this fund.

*This example:

– Uses an example rate of return of 5.34% p.a., a term of exactly 21 years and assumes that there will be no rate changes over the period (which will not be the case).

– Based on the AMP savings calculator at

– Assumes regular contributions to the account and no withdrawals during this time period. Assumes the money is invested in an asset allocation taking a significant level of investment risk such as the IOOF Multimix Growth Trust.

Why are we doing this?

At Cursio Group we are passionate like all parents about what the future holds for our children. Housing affordability, education and a career path are all challenges kids face and we believe those whose parents are fortunate enough to assist them financially are best placed to gain a positive start to their journey through life. While money isn’t everything, and some may not need the assistance, anything helps. So a kick-start to a solid investment plan for your child’s future is a gesture we hope will open the door to other issues which we’d like to work on with you.

In Australia we have a severe underinsurance problem. Research has consistently shown Australians don’t take out adequate levels of life insurance to protect themselves and their family from hardship. In fact, research commissioned by IFSA in 2005 showed parents with dependants were critically underinsured by $1.37 trillion. That means that only 4% of the total population with dependent children have adequate levels of life insurance cover.

We have witnessed family and friends who were left in dire straits following the death or illness of a parent and we regret knowing that if we had the chance, we could have helped. While most people would never consider driving a car without motor insurance, unfortunately not many of us insure our most important asset – our ability to earn an income. If you calculate how much income you and partner can make for the rest of your working lives, we’re sure it’s a lot of money and well worth protecting.

Our mission is to help solve financial problems and provide advice to as many Australians as possible. So hopefully our HI$500 incentive for your child’s future will encourage you to effectively protect your ability to earn an income for the benefit of the little people who rely so heavily on you.

Click here for more general information about life insurance and read our terms and conditions below to see what’s involved in our offer. under construction…. just email us and we’ll chat!

FAQs, Terms & Conditions

Who can apply for the HI$500 payment?

Please note this offer is limited to new financial planning clients of Cursio Group only who do not already have life insurance business with us as at 1st July 2017. Australian citizens or permanent residents who are the parents or legal guardians of a baby due by 31st December 2017 or a child under 5 years of age can apply for the HI$500 payment.

Can I claim a HI$500 for multiple children?

We will only pay $500 once per family.

Do I have to use the $500 payment for an investment account?

No we are happy to provide $500 for other uses however we believe that investing for the future of your children is important and this would be our suggestion to you.

What does ‘implement a life insurance plan’ mean?

By implementing a life insurance plan we mean that both living parents or legal guardians of the child accept our advice to purchase new life insurance policies in the interest of protecting your family’s wellbeing. The policies may cover things like outstanding liabilities and living expenses to see your children to the age of independence. We will not pressure you to take out any particular amount of cover however the payment of $500 will be made only if the total annual premium is no less than $3,000 per family. The average life insurance policy for an adult costs between $3,000 and $3,500 per person. If the advised and excepted insurance policies you take up cost less than $3,000 pa in total for your family, we will pay an incentive rebate of 10% of the annual premium. It may be possible to use funds within superannuation to cover the cost of your life insurance and we will assist to ascertain if this is a viable option for you. We will be making a tailored recommendation to you regarding the cover we believe you require at this time.

Does it matter if I already have life insurance?

We will review your current policies and if we feel we can add value to your existing arrangements we may recommend an alternative. Once we have discussed this with you we will be better placed to advise whether you will qualify for this offer. The best place to start is to provide us with your current insurance policy information.

Is there a minimum period required for my life insurance to remain in force?

We expect you to retain your life insurance for a minimum of 24 months. If cancelled prior we reserve the right to charge a fee for our services as the commissions we receive may have to be refunded to the life insurance company.

How likely is it to achieve a 5.34% return?

To achieve a return of 5.34%pa the investment account ought to be invested with an allocation to growth assets like shares and property via managed funds such as the IOOF MultiMix Wealth Builder Growth Fund which returned 5.34% for the 12 months to 31st December 2016. An investment in a bank account will not return 5.34%pa. The likely return on a low risk cash account is more like 1.5% to 2.5%pa. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. You should seek advice on the amount of risk you are prepared to take for your child’s investment which we are happy to provide in our Statement of Advice to you.

When does the offer expire?

The offer expires on 30th June 2018. Cursio Group reserves the right to withdraw this campaign at any time and also extend the campaign for a further period beyond this date.


The information contained in this document is general in nature and does not take into account your personal situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where appropriate, seek professional advice. Always remember to read the Product Disclosure Statement provided for each financial product recommended to you by your financial advisor.

To apply for your child’s HI$500 call us now on (03) 9481 2222 or simply fill out the form below to see if you qualify. You may also call Adam Cursio directly on 0418 101 982.

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Offer valid until 30th June 2018