What is Superannuation?

What is superannuation? Superannuation is an investment vehicle that allows you to invest, grow and save for your retirement. It is government supported and encouraged and there are minimum percentages that your employer needs to pay into your superannuation. Interest earned on your superannuation account will be subject to tax of 15% while in the [...]

2017 Federal Budget Analysis

First home savers, downsizers and small business are the winners in Treasurer Scott Morrison’s second Budget – while taxpayers face an increase in the Medicare levy. Note: These changes are proposals only and may or may not be made law     Superannuation Contributions from downsizing the home Date of effect: 1 July 2018 Individuals [...]

Changes to superannuation from 1st July 2017

Changes to the superannuation rules will come into effect on 1 July 2017 While the government will reduce the amount of money you can put into super from 1 July this year, the good news is that you could still take advantage of opportunities before the financial year ends. While we don't believe it's fair that [...]

Income Protection A Must

A tax deductible expense you really need Adam Cursio Looking for a last minute end of financial year tax deduction? While most people rush out spending money on unnecessary items, here's an essential expense you should seriously consider. Your ability to earn an income is potentially worth millions over your working life. Your family and your [...]

Tax Deductible Hand Bags

Tax deductible hand bags Adam Cursio Director THERE’S never been a better time to hit the shops. Despite reports to the contrary, it seems women may be able to claim handbags on tax. But there’s a catch — you have to keep a logbook to prove it carried more than lipstick and lunch to the [...]