‘We are on your side’


Tony Cursio  |  Principal
Dip Fin Serv (FP) (Brok) QPIB, SMSF Specialist

Over 30 years ago Tony Cursio embarked on a mission to provide his network of family and friends with sound financial advice. Commencing in the 1980s as a specialist general and life insurance broker Tony began coaching client to protect what they had introducing them to risk protection and estate planning strategies. He then lived through the introduction of superannuation and brought financial planning to the forefront which accompanied his passion for watching clients build businesses and property portfolios. Tony has an impressive command on matching tailored advice to suit his clients needs and and he has built vast networks within the industry and among clients who look up to him for his strong ethics and morals as a professional and as a loyal and trusted person.
Tony enjoys working alongside his family, primarily his two boys David and Adam who are carrying the family tradition on to bring Cursio Group into the new era of financial services.


Adam Cursio | Financial Planner & General Insurance Broker
BBus (Fin Plan), Dip Fin Serv (Brok), Dip Fin, LREA

Adam entered the Financial Services industry to ‘help people with money’. As a senior financial planner, general insurance broker, mortgage broker and fully licensed estate agent, Adam has a breadth of experience and well rounded holistic approach when advising his valued clients.
Adam’s professional advisory services best suit young growing families and small business owners striving to succeed. Adam is keen on helping those who aspire to build real wealth with property and who understand the need to protect wealth passing on as many risks as possible to insurers.
Having spent two years living abroad, and pursuing a concurrent part-time career in entertainment as a singer and guitarist, Adam is well versed on the need for a balanced life and encourages his clients to spend more time living the dream.


David Cursio | Finance Consultant
BCom (Melb), Dip Fin and Mortgage Broking Management, Dip Building and Construction

After completing a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University, David joined his father and brother on a journey in business and David has been the backbone of the team ever since.
David is an experienced mortgage broker and adviser to clients who are building property portfolios and continues to service our existing clients with their residential home loans, commercial loans and leasing finance needs. David has a keen passion for property, and recently gained a Diploma in Building and Construction which assisted him to successfully complete a recent new home and renovation project.
Outside of his finance role, David has also enjoyed a long career as band leader, piano player and vocalist, and performs regularly together with his wife Michelle Serret-Cursio, one of Australia’s foremost TV and session singers.


Anna Carrafa  |  Administration Manager
Tier 2 Ins Brok

Anna has been working in the general insurance industry for the past 8 years coming from a background in financial services and banking.
Sister to Tony, and mother to Louise, Anna enjoys roles that require a high level of care and customer focus. Anna was recognised for this natural trait by her previous employer NAB when she was given a Service Excellence Award – a very prestigious award within the financial services industry.
Anna thrives on helping people and will go out of her way to provide exceptional customer service.
A proud mother of three, Anna brings honesty, transparency and a genuine caring nature to our team.


Louise Randi  |  Client Services Manager
Dip Fin Serv (FP), Tier 2 Ins Brok, Dip Bus Admin

Louise is a qualified financial planner and experienced general insurance assistant with and exceptional client services skills. Since joining our business in 2007 at the age of 19, Louise has grown into a highly capable and trustworthy member of our team.
Louise excels in documenting the advice given by our Advisors and works closely with all parties involved in serving our clients from advisors to institutions and third party professionals.
A background in retail customer service and dancing on TV productions has helped Louise to always provide a positive client experience for everyone who comes in to our office as a new or existing client.
Louise has a passion for cooking, shopping and spending time with family and friends.

Why we do what we do

In a system where governments print money and wars are fought, we know things don’t always seem fair. The financial system challenges us all at times however we remain focused on what we can change and ignore what we can’t.

We are here to make sure our clients have good outcomes when dealing in important financial matters which shape their financial future.

We have chosen to dedicate our lives to helping those around us navigate the financial system to ultimately succeed in business and enjoy prosperous lives with their families and focusing on the important beautiful parts of life.

Plan. Grow. Protect

We believe in making achievable goals, planning for those goals and rewarding yourself when achieving them.

We believe in growing by taking calculated risks and educating yourself on important financial matters.

We believe in using insurance products to make sure you don’t lose what you have worked hard to build if adversity strikes.

We believe in family and sticking together as weight in numbers helps to achieve much more than you can alone.

Our View On Insurance

Insurance companies play a vital role in our economy and we all rely on insurance to spread the risks of life and business.

We are passionate about our clients being treated fairly by insurers and we fight hard to make sure positive outcomes eventuate especially at claim time.

We shine when claims arise as this gives us a chance to show our clients what we do best.

Being part of one of the largest broker groups in the country means we have buying power and strength in numbers when dealing with insurers on behalf of clients.

Our View On Finance & Property

We enjoy helping clients to use real estate assets to grow. When property prices were three times annual wages in the ‘50s, families used to be able to buy a home and pay off a mortgage fairly quickly. There was little need to invest as life then was a little more affordable and simple savings plans and bank interest funded retirement.

Nowadays, property prices are soaring and to buy a home it costs in excess of ten times annual wages. We sincerely worry for the next generation and we wonder how on earth the kids of today will afford to buy a home if not for support from the family if the trend continues.

We enjoy helping clients to get into the property market, to invest and grow. We help clients to refinance existing loans, extracting equity in property they own to buy more property when the time is right.

We passionately enjoy helping families to acquire assets together with the younger generation to make their financial future brighter from the outset.